Is Cadbury Good For Health?

Is Cadbury Good For Health?

Cadbury is every chocoholics’ favourite chocolate snack. Cadbury has been in demand for ages, from silk to fruit and nut. Cadbury has been there in existence since our parents were kids! It indeed has given us sweet memories every Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Holi, and birthday. But is your favourite chocolate healthy for you?

Let us get down to business and find out!


Is Cadbury Good For Health?

Now comes the question, is it healthy or not? We shall run an analysis to understand whether it is good for you. 

About The Product

Cadbury is a chocolate company that sells chocolate bars across the globe. Its original flavour, Cadbury dairy Milk, consists of cocoa and milk chocolate. Other Cadbury flavours are:

  • Cadbury Silk
  • Cadbury Oreo
  • Cadbury Fruit and Nut
  • Cadbury Bubbles
  • More

Now, let’s look at the ingredients in Cadbury Dairy Milk and find out if it suits you.

Ingredient Analysis

The main ingredients in Cadbury Dairy Milk are:

Sugar, Milk Solids (22%), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids, and Emulsifiers (442, 476). Contains Added Flavour (Natural, Nature Identical, And Artificial (Ethyl Vanillin) Flavouring Substances). Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing tree nuts and wheat.’s GoodWhat’s Not
1.One chocolate bar has an incredible taste. Contains artificial flavours and emulsifiers.
2.14g of Cadbury chocolate is 534 calories, equal to a meal. It has 25g of sugar.
3.It has the goodness of milk.It may have allergens: milk, cocoa, and tree nuts.
4.Even though it is equivalent to a meal, do not eat in excess because of the calories.

Overview of the Product

S. No.CriteriaCadbury
1.Whole ingredientsYes
2.Artificial ingredientsYes
3.Level of ProcessingHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNo

Is It Suitable For You?

S. No.Suitable forCadbury

People with diabetes must ask their doctors whether they can eat Cadbury. However, vegans cannot eat it since it has milk chocolate. It is not plant-based, so no for keto, and it contains wheat, so it is not gluten-free.

Final Takeaway

To sum up, Cadbury, in moderation, can be healthy. However, we do not recommend too much consumption as it can affect your health and system.


1. Can you eat expired chocolate?

Yes, you can eat it. Depending on how it was stored, it is usually OK to consume chocolate after it has passed its expiry date.

2. Can chocolate make you happy?

Yes, chocolate can make you happy. One reason is the specific components of cacao, the primary component of chocolate, which is considered to have a mood-enhancing impact. Tryptophan is among them, and it is used by the body to make serotonin, popularly known as the “happy hormone,” which improves mood.

3. Can I eat Cadbury daily?

Everything consumed in excess, whether vegetables or chocolate, is bad for your health. No more than 30 to 60 grams of chocolate should be consumed each day. A high daily calorie intake from chocolate might result in weight gain and other problems.

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