Are Kellogg’s Cornflakes Good For Weight Loss?

Are Kellogg’s Cornflakes Good For Weight Loss?

Kellogg’s Cornflakes is a preferred breakfast all around the world. It is best for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both groups. With their crunchy texture and mild flavour, they have become a go-to option for people who want a quick and easy breakfast or snack. But can Kellogg’s cornflakes help you in losing weight? Does it have sugar? Is it high in sodium?

Let us find out!

Are Kellogg’s Cornflakes Good For Weight Loss?

This article will investigate how this product can or cannot help with your weight loss journey.


Here is what we have learned:

Kellogg’s cornflakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals, including iron, protein, folate, all forms of vitamin B, and vitamins A and C. One potential issue with Kellogg’s Cornflakes is their relatively low fibre content. Fibre is an essential nutrient that is necessary when you are on the journey to lose weight as it can aid in it.

It has no cholesterol and is very low in sugar. You will not find monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in them.

Key Points:

  • Good source of vitamins (A, all forms of B and C).
  • It has no cholesterol at all.
  • It is low in sugar unless added externally.
  • This amounts to approximately 200 calories after pouring milk.

Will Kellogg’s Cornflakes Help You Lose Weight?

Regarding weight loss, the key is to create a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than you consume. Kellogg’s Cornflakes can be part of a weight loss plan, as they are a low-calorie option. As mentioned earlier, it is low in fibre, so if you choose to include Kellogg’s Cornflakes in your diet, consider adding fruits or nuts to increase fibre and protein content.

How Can I Lose Weight If I Add This Product To My Diet?

It can be eaten with eggs if you eat eggs (boiled preferably); otherwise, a vegetable-grilled sandwich that is low in carbs can also work. You need to add something to your cornflakes to make them more nutritional.

You can eat it as a post-workout snack.

Final Thoughts: Yes Or No?

Our answer: Yes, it can be added to a weight loss diet plan. However, ensure you add more healthy foods with it to make it more nutritional and can make you feel full for longer.


I. Is the corn used in Kellogg’s Cornflakes real?

Yes, the corn used in making this breakfast cereal is real, and the company invests in ripened, sun-dried kernels of real corn.

II. Are Kellogg’s Cornflakes a healthy breakfast option?

Kellogg’s Cornflakes can be a healthy breakfast option when consumed in moderation and balanced with other nutrient-dense foods. They are low in calories and fat but also relatively low in fibre and protein. Adding fresh fruit or nuts to the cereal can increase the fibre and protein content and make for a more balanced meal.

III. Does this product contain anything harmful?

No, Kellogg’s cornflakes do not contain anything dangerous that may be unsafe, and the ingredients are tested and safe for consumption.

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