Is Amul Buttermilk Good For Weight Loss?

Is Amul Buttermilk Good For Weight Loss?

Buttermilk is a must on every lunch table in India, and it helps with digestion and keeps the digestive tract healthy. Amul also has its own Buttermilk that is easy to drink because of its straw-punching mechanism. But is Amul Buttermilk healthy, and can it aid in weight loss?

It is time to find the answers.

Is Amul Buttermilk Good For Weight Loss?

This article will investigate how this product can or cannot help with your weight loss journey.


Here is what we have learned:

One serving (100 ml) of Amul Buttermilk contains only 29.3 calories, which is significantly lower than other beverages like soft drinks or juices. It is also low in fat, with only 1.5 grams per serving. Amul Buttermilk is also rich in protein, calcium, and other nutrients. One serving of Amul Buttermilk provides 1.7 grams of protein, which can help you feel full and satisfied. It is also a good source of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. Probiotics help to improve digestion, boost immune function, and reduce inflammation.

Key Points:

  • It has a low amount of sodium.
  • It helps make digestion smooth.
  • High in calcium, with up to 75 mg.
  • It is also high in potassium, with 70 mg.
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Will Amul Buttermilk Help You Lose Weight?

Taking low-calorie beverages like Amul Buttermilk can help you maintain a calorie deficit and lose weight. As discussed earlier, it has protein; protein also helps preserve muscle mass, which is important for weight loss. One must know that muscle burns more calories than fat, so preserving your muscle mass can help keep a higher metabolic rate and burn more calories throughout the day. Also, calcium plays a crucial role in weight loss by regulating metabolism and fat storage. Studies have shown that people who consume adequate amounts of calcium have an easier time losing weight and keeping it at bay.

How Can I Lose Weight If I Add This Product To My Diet?

Amul Buttermilk can be consumed once daily after lunch to have smooth digestion and a healthy stomach. It can also be taken instead of soft drinks and other juices that are high in sugar and preservatives.

Final Thoughts: Yes Or No?

Our answer: Yes, it can be added to a weight loss diet plan as it has a lot of benefits and contains calcium, protein, and more minerals that can help in losing weight.


I. Is Amul Buttermilk low in calories?

Amul Buttermilk is low in calories, with only 29.3 calories in 100 ml of serving. So, yes, it is low in calories and can be added to your weight loss regime. Take only one drink a day as an excess of anything is bad.

II. Does Amul Buttermilk contain fat?

Amul Buttermilk is low in fat, with only 1.5 grams of fat in a 100 ml serving. This is good for those who are trying to count their calories.

III. Is Amul Buttermilk a good source of probiotics?

Yes, Amul Buttermilk is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics can help you with the following:

  • Improve digestion
  • Boost immune function
  • Reduce inflammation

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