Is Tata Salt Lite Good For Health?

Is Tata Salt Lite Good For Health?

Salt is widely used in all Indian cuisines; from homemade food to something special, salt is most needed. Speaking of salt, Tata Salt is the most trusted salt in the country. Every person has trusted Tata Salt for eons now. Now, is it good for your health as it claims?

Time to find out!


Is Tata Salt Lite Good For Health?

Now comes the question, is it healthy or not? We shall run an analysis to understand whether it is good for you. 

About The Product

Tata Salt is a range of salt and different salt variants sold according to the consumers’ needs. They are tailored according to what the customer might need and what is important for their health. Sodium, at healthy levels, is necessary for us and our bodies. Keeping their consumers’ health in mind, Tata has released different variants, which have been listed below:

  • Tata Salt Immuno
  • Tata Salt Lite
  • Tata Salt SuperLite
  • Tata Rock Salt
  • Tata Salt Crystal
  • I-Shakti

Now, let’s look at the ingredients in Tata Salt Lite and find out if it suits you.

Ingredient Analysis

The main ingredients in Tata Salt Lite are:

Iodized Salt, Potassium Chloride, Anticaking Agent (INS551, INS 536), Potassium Iodate, Salt, and Salt Substitutes.’s GoodWhat’s Not
1.It does not have any harmful chemicals.
2.There is pure salt present in the packets.
3.Good source of healthy sodium intake and is rich in potassium. Potassium iodate is used for the process of iodization.
4.No trans fat, no sugar, and no carbohydrates. Entirely pure.

Overview of the Product

S. No.CriteriaTata Salt Lite
1.Whole ingredientsYes
2.Artificial ingredientsNo
3.Level of ProcessingHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNo

Is It Suitable For You?

S. No.Suitable forTata Salt Lite

People with diabetes must ask their doctors whether they can consume Tata Salt Lite and other Tata Salt products.

Final Takeaway

To sum up, Tata Salt Lite is extremely healthy, and anybody can consume it. People with Hyperkelmia must take precautions and ask their doctors.

A good amount of salt intake is necessary and healthy. It keeps you from your children and family developing goiter or other issues. Healthy amounts of sodium are a must.


1. How much Tata Salt per day is healthy?

Adults should keep their daily sodium consumption to around 2,300 mg, which is roughly one teaspoon of table salt. For young children, keep this in mind:

  • 2g of salt each day for children ages 1 to 3 – 0.8g sodium.
  • 3g of salt each day for children aged 4 to 6 – 1.2g sodium.
  • 5g of salt each day for children aged 7 to 10 – 2g sodium.
  • 6g of salt each day for children above the age of 11 – 2.4g sodium.

2. Why is Sodium necessary to us?

An essential electrolyte for human health and general growth is sodium. The proper functioning of cells, muscles, and nerves as well as the control of blood pressure and volume, depend on a sufficient daily intake of salt.

3. What are the signs you are consuming too much salt?

  • Rise in blood pressure.
  • Swollen feet or hands.
  • Getting very thirsty.

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