Is Knorr Soup Good For Weight Loss?

Is Knorr Soup Good For Weight Loss?

We all love soup, especially during the onset of winter. There is nothing like being served the hot soup with a dash of pepper, green veggies, and diced chicken pieces. Knorr Soup is popularly known in India for making quick, instant soup within minutes. They are on the shelves of every household. But can this soup aid in weight loss?

Time to find that out.

Is Knorr Soup Good For Weight Loss?

This article will investigate how this product can or cannot help with your weight loss journey.


Here is what we have learned:

The calorie count of Knorr soup can vary depending on the flavour, but most have a relatively low-calorie count and can also help you feel full for longer because of the fibre present in them. However, they can also be high in sodium, about 3954 mg in 100 grams of serving, leading to water retention and bloating.

It also contains 0.05 trans fats, which are not suitable for anyone. This product also contains sugar, making it unsuitable for people having diabetes.

Key Points:

  • It contains trans fats
  • Very high in sodium.
  • Some flavours have refined wheat flour (maida).
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Will Knorr Soup Help You Lose Weight?

The calorie and ingredients vary according to the flavour. Given that it has fewer calories, it can be considered a good option for weight loss, but because of the sodium levels, it is unsuitable to be taken regularly. As mentioned before, some flavours even have refined wheat flour, or maida, which is unhealthy.

How Can I Lose Weight If I Add This Product To My Diet?

This can be consumed as a snack between two meals or taken during a meal. You can have it as a side dish or as the base for more complex soups. For example, you can add fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices to the soup to create a more flavourful and nutritious dish. You can even use it as a seasoning on some dishes.

We recommend consuming this product at least once or twice in two weeks, and more than that can result in a spike in blood sugar levels. Also, it is necessary to check the ingredients as different flavours have different calories and nutritional value.

Final Thoughts: Yes Or No?

Our answer: Yes, it can aid in weight loss, but there are better alternatives than having this. Choose homemade, fresh soup over heavily processed, factory-made soup. Always add healthy variations to your diet for successful weight loss.


I. Which soup is best for weight loss?

Here is a list of soups that can aid in weight loss and can be cooked at home:

  • Spinach Soup
  • Chicken Soup
  • Paya Soup
  • Tomato Soup
  • Bean and Brocolli Soup
  • Vegetable clear soup

II. Can I have Knorr Soup when I feel under the weather?

Yes, warm Knorr Soup can make you feel better if you cough, have a cold or even a fever. It will soothe you and can even help in recovery, making you feel full for a long time.

III. Does Knorr Soup have MSG?

No, Knorr Soups do not have Monosodium Glutamate or any other harmful ingredient added to it. It contains preservatives, but they are not fatal to one’s health.

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