Is Amul Buttermilk Good For Your Health?

Is Amul Buttermilk Good For Your Health?

Amul is a very popular brand in India, famous for making many milk and dairy-related products. From morning to night, people add Amul products to their meals. After dinner, most Indians drink buttermilk, or chaach, to promote better digestion and keep the body healthy. But is Amul Buttermilk healthy?

Let’s dive into it!

amul buttermilk

Is Amul Buttermilk Good For Your Health?

Now comes the question, is it healthy or not? We shall run an analysis to understand whether it is good for you. 

About The Product

Amul Buttermilk is a salty, spiced milk made with butter that helps ease the digestion of your food. It is best taken when you have an upset stomach. This product is widely used; its most prominent use is in holy Indian rituals and prayers. It is refreshing to drink.

Now, let’s look at the ingredients in Amul Buttermilk and find out if it suits you.

Ingredient Analysis

The main ingredients in this product are:

Milk Solids, Common Salt, Spices, Condiments, and Permitted stabilizers.’s GoodWhat’s Not
1.All natural ingredients have been added, and it does not have anything harmful added to them. It has stabilizers.
2.It is very savoury and delectable. It has low calories and zero sugar. Not suitable for someone who is lactose intolerant.
3.You will find moderate levels of sodium. It has protein and calcium.

Overview of the Product

S. No.CriteriaAmul Buttermilk
1.Whole ingredientsYes
2.Artificial ingredientsNo
3.Level of ProcessingHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNo

Is It Suitable For You?

S. No.Suitable forAmul Buttermilk

It is made of cow’s milk, so vegans may be unable to consume it. It has very low sugar, so it is safe for people having diabetes. As you can see, buttermilk has low to moderate carbohydrates, so it is suitable for a keto diet. Amul buttermilk is also gluten-free.

Final Takeaway

Amul Buttermilk, thus, is very healthy. It does not have any harmful ingredients, and you will find mostly natural ingredients added to it. It is good for those who have fallen sick or have other stomach issues.

Please note never to drink anything in excess, which can affect your health.


1. What is the nature of buttermilk?

Buttermilk is warm in nature and easy to digest. In addition to enhancing digestion, buttermilk balances the stomach’s enzymes. It is helpful in the Ayurveda treatment of inflammation, digestive, gastrointestinal, lack of appetite, spleen, and anaemia diseases.

2. How much buttermilk should be consumed?

You must drink at least one or two glasses of buttermilk every day. Excess consumption can lead to bloating, nausea, and more. 

3. What is the best time to drink Amul buttermilk?

Buttermilk can be taken anytime, including before meals and at night. It is best to drink buttermilk on an empty stomach if you have digestive issues. 

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