Is Fortune Oil Good For Health?

Is Fortune Oil Good For Health?

Oil is necessary for Indian cooking, and there is no better oil than Fortune Oil. It is used for making yummy samosas and scrumptious pakodas, and you will find it widely used in homes. But is this oil healthy for you?

Let us dive deep and find out!

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Is Fortune Oil Good For Health?

Now comes the question, is it healthy or not? We shall run an analysis to understand whether it is good for you. 

About The Product

Fortune oil is a famous Indian brand widely used at homes and desi restaurants. The company is known for producing a variety of healthy edible oil and also chakki fresh atta.

Now, let’s look at the ingredients in Fortune Refined Oil and find out if it suits you.

Ingredient Analysis

The main ingredients in Fortune Refined are:

Refined Sunflower Oil, Permitted Antioxidant TBHQ (E-319), Vitamin A & Vitamin D.’s GoodWhat’s Not
1.The use of natural sunflower and all ingredients are not at all harmful. They also have good frying capacity.
2.It is rich in  Vitamins like A and D.
3.To remove free radicals, antioxidants are added. These antioxidants are natural.
4.Low on cholesterol. Some variants contain oryzanol.

Overview of the Product

S. No.CriteriaFortune Refined Oil
1.Whole ingredientsYes
2.Artificial ingredientsNo
3.Level of ProcessingHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNo

Is It Suitable For You?

S. No.Suitable forFortune Refined Oil

Some variants of Fortune Oil are safe for people having diabetes. Kindly ask your doctor before using this oil in your meals.

Final Takeaway

Fortune Oil is completely safe for consumption, and we can declare it healthy. It is good to balance the HDL/LDL ratio levels, and it consists of natural antioxidants, so it is not harmful in this product.

Please note never to eat anything in excess, which can affect your health.


1. For daily cooking, can I use Fortune Oil?

Yes, you can use Fortune Refined oil for daily cooking. Mostly in Indian cuisine, oil plays a key role, and using it in moderate amounts can help cook healthy meals.

2. What is the main ingredient in Fortune Oil?

The main ingredient in all Fortune oils is rice bran, which is widely used and helps in cooking. You may also see sunflower or safflower in some, which are also healthy for one’s health. Keep in mind that these oils are safe for you and your family members.

As mentioned above, Fortune oils carry Vitamins A and D, which are necessary to have.

3. How much edible oil should a person consume?

The average quantity of oil a human body needs each day is three to four tablespoons. Try not to consume more than 20 g of oil each day. Remember never to eat anything in excess as it can affect your health. So, please take it in a limited quantity and never overuse it.

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