Is Kissan Ketchup Healthy? The Saucy #Truth

Is Kissan Ketchup Healthy? The Saucy #Truth

Everyone loves ketchup. It is Samosa’s partner in crime or French fries’ true love; the combinations go hand in hand. Some people like to put their Kissan ketchup in Maggi noodles! Some call it blasphemy, while others do not agree with the statement. You can experiment with ketchup your way. However, is it healthy for you?

Let us dive deep into it.

kissan ketchup

Is Kissan Ketchup Healthy?

Now comes the question, is it healthy or not? We shall run an analysis to understand whether it is good for you. 

About The Product

Kissan Tomato Ketchup is a wisely used tomato ketchup brand in India. It has been in existence for ages now (since 1934), and you will find it in every home. 100% genuine, organically ripened fresh tomatoes are used to make Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup. This tomato ketchup may be used to make tomato sauce or chutney.

Now, let’s look at the ingredients in Kissan Tomato Ketchup and find out if it suits you.

Ingredient Analysis

The main ingredients in Kissan Ketchup are:

Water, Tomato Paste (28%), Sugar, Iodised Salt, Acidity Regulator – 260, Stabilisers – 1422, 415, Preservative – 211, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Spices & Condiments.’s GoodWhat’s Not
1.It uses real tomatoes and tomato puree. It has no nutritional value.
2.Very versatile and can be used with any food item, like dhoklas, paranthas, noodles, chapatis, and lots more. It contains preservatives.
3.The product is worth the money.
4.It is low in calories. It is also low in fats and sugars.

Overview of the Product

S. No.CriteriaKissan Ketchup
1.Whole ingredientsYes
2.Artificial ingredientsYes
3.Level of ProcessingHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNo

Is It Suitable For You?

S. No.Suitable forKissan Ketchup

People with diabetes must ask their doctors whether they can consume Kissan Ketchup. For type 1 diabetes, it might be consumable, and type 2 diabetes ones must consult.

Final Takeaway

Overall, Kissan Ketchup is safe to consume, and it is unhealthy as it is low in calories and mostly consumed in small amounts.

Please note never to eat anything in excess, which can affect your health.


1. How much tomato ketchup should one pour?

Try to keep your ketchup consumption to less than a few tablespoons at a time. Do not fill up a lot in a bowl or on your plate.

2. What happens if I overeat ketchup?

Overeating ketchup might produce acid reflux or heartburn. As these acids enter the stomach, they combine to form gastric acid, which is then utilized by the body to digest the food you eat.

3. Can I take ketchup solely to get the nutrients of a tomato?

No, never replace a natural food ingredient with its manufactured version. Tomato in its natural state is the best. Tomato ketchup has preservatives in it; meanwhile, tomato does not have any preservatives. So, you should not replace the two with each other. Use ketchup in limited quantities and eat more fresh tomatoes.

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